About us

Gioia Succhi is a company operating in the agro-industrial sector, was founded in 1999 and produces nfc juices and citrus concentrates. Since 2009, the product portfolio has been expanded with the production of essential oils, terpenes, aromatic waters and polyphenol extracts.

Located in the first industrial area of the port of Gioia Tauro, the company is located equidistant from the main centers of Calabrian and Sicilian citrus production, therefore strategically advantageous for import - export, given its proximity to the sea port which guarantees excellent connections.

The total production plant area is about 18,000 square meters of which 8000 square meters and equipped with solar panels for the production of electricity (500 kWh for self-production of 35% of energy).

Prima zona industriale, snc
89026, San Ferdinando RC, Italia
Partita IVA 01594150805
Tel: (+39) 0966 713586
0966 713566 - 0966 51265
Email: info@gioiasucchi.it
PEC: amministrazione@pec.gioiasucchi.it